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Visit to a balsamic vinegar manufactory

When Giorgio opens the door, you smell it right away: Aceto Balsamico, the world-famous vinegar, also called “black gold” fills the air of the old villa in Modena.
The process of producing sounds simple: take 100 l of grape juice, cook it for 12 hours, put it in barrels and wait 25 years – you’ll get 2 l Aceto.
We get to see the small factory (Acetaia), Giorgio explains the production process (of course it´s not that simple) and let us taste the 12 years and the 25 years old Balsamic vinegar.
Strolling the market in Modena is next on the program, we get to taste the world famous Parma cheese and ham, traditional made in this area.
It would be a shame to be in Modena and not having seen the Cathetral (World Heritage Site), so we do a little detour and visit this almost 1000 years old monument.
Starts: 8 a.m. from Bologna or 9 am from Modena
Costs:  120 euro per person, including transportation, admission for Ferrari, guided visits and tastings