The Fiera di San Giovanni took place 21. to 24. of June 2012 for the 142th time in Spilamberto, a small town close to Modena. Since April the Masters worked in shift to taste the vinegar samples for the one and only Balsamic vinegar competion in the world, which is diveded in the amateur and the professional section.

Balsamic vinegar, tradition and heritage

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More than 1000 samples have to be tested in the weeks before, it comes down to the last 15 which enter the Fiera and after 4 more days the winner will be announced. This celebration is the only time of the year, when all the producing families get together, most of them don´t even sell, they produce just for their own needs, but winning the completion belongs to the most prestigious goals to reach in this area. What means prestige for the amateurs, is tied with business for the professionals, this is why the Fiera is split in two: to keep business out of tradition and heritage.

by Martina Kuhnert