Just a few years ago, Bologna wasn`t known at all outside of Italy. Tourists went to Rome, Tuscany and Venice for sightseeing. They appreciated the Italian cuisine, not knowing about Italy`s culinary capital, Bologna. The foodie-wave, a counter movement to the food industry, made people more aware about healthy, traditional nutrition and hidden gems like Bologna got the chance to appear on the map.

The flip side of the same coin: tourist traps come up and for non-locals it`s almost impossible to distinct between the true historic place and the one, which is just swimming on that wave. This foodie map of Bologna lists my personal best off cafe, restaurant, bar – traditional, authentic and, most important, affordable – it’s easy to simply list the most expensive restaurants like most guides do!

Foodie map Bologna

[custom-mapping height=”400″ width=”800″ map_id=”2208″]