After the 8 o’clock bell of San Marco you don’t hear anything louder than the waves splashing at the Canale Grande. Two days before the “Carnevale di Venezia” officially starts, it is  quiet in Venice. The day starts slowly, soon you hear the sound of small wheels ticking along the small streets – the tinny, bright sound comes from the “carelli”, used by venetian housewives to carry the groceries home, whereas the tourist luggage trollies  account for the dark, rolling sound. Half of Piazza San Marco is under water, the sky is grey and a few tourists take pictures of the workers who are building the stage at San Marco – the town is getting ready for the thousands of people who will come for carnevale.

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Costume parade Venice

If you love carnevale but not the crowd, it’s a good idea to go to Venice on the weekend before carnevale, this year February 21-23 (2014). There is the traditional costume parade on Sunday, the wine fountain opens, and lots of masks are in town (for us photographers), but it’s not as crowded as it is the weekend after.


Thin and crusty, Fritelle are made only at carnevale

Thin and crusty, Fritelle are made only at carnevale

Don`t miss out on the traditional fritelle, a thin and crusty pastry, only made during the carnevale!