This is how it looks like, the mass which will be Mortadella – after being seasoned and cooked. The  sausage from Bologna is imitated all over the world, but only here it is made the same way than 500 years ago.

The raw mass of traditional made Mortadella

While we´re standing at the machines, every step of the production gets explained: From mincing the meat (only pig shoulder is used), via the addition of fresh herbs to the cooking process, which takes 43 hours for the 150 kg sausage. Mortadella di Bologna IGP is a protected product and guarantees, that it´s made without artificial flavors and dyes, a 100 % natural product, rich in proteins and minerals.

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Mortadella for Foodies

Baloney has its roots in Bologna and the only thing it has in common with Mortadella is, that they both get cooked. Go to the market in Bologna and ask for some slices of Mortadella, you´ll be asked which one: a big, middle or small size Mortadella and from which company – Villani, Pasquini, etc.
You should know, that the bigger one is the better – it gets cooked longer and the meat juice has more time to settle. Which company, depends on your personal taste, the occasion and your budget – the price range is big – and you take a different Mortadella for a filling than for eating it slice by slice. A high quality Mortadella isn´t greasy at all – it´s made from (italian) pig shoulder and neck, seasoned with salt, fresh garlic and some herbs, that´s it. Foodie recommendation: get a 100 g of very thin slices at Simoni around 11 a.m. and eat one right away – what a treat!