Drink wine on an empty stomach after work and feel how it starts to ease you – that’s what you call aperitivo in the Mediterranean countries. It doesn’t have to be dark. It has to be the time of the day when you think: “my job is incredibly interesting and full of opportunities,…. but all that can wait till tomorrow.”

Apricena – fingerfood and wine

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This moment is worth being shared with friends, accompanied by a glass of wine and some finger food – the Bolognese people call it “apricena”. You enter a bar between 6 pm and 9 pm, order a glass of wine or beer and get some snacks with the drink or help yourself at the buffet without paying extra. Usually you will pick a bar on your way home from work, so it´s very likely that you´ll end up in the same bar frequently and after a while, you get to know the other guests, who dropped in for apricena. Than you start to bring colleagues, neighbors and friends or meet up at “their” bar – in any case, the bar is the social meeting point and incredibly helpful for the transition between work and home.