It´s almost common knowledge that Espresso is called “caffe´” in Italy and I´ve seen many tourists ordering completely correct, but getting upset by being asked “caffe´americano?” – they don´t see their knowledge about the italian customs appreciated.

foodie tour bologna, coffee in bolognaCoffee rules in Italy

But the “Barista” just tries to be nice: he hears the accent, thinks “tourist” and wants to avoid the disappointment of getting just a puddle instead of a coffee. Still happens to me, outside of my area, where people know me in person!

The baby-version of a Cappucchino is called “caffe´macchiato” and by ordering a Caffe´Latte, you often only get  the hot milk – wait and look before reclaiming the coffe´, in many bars you find a jug with caffe´extract on the counter for self-service! A quite unknown version is “caffe´shakerato”, a cold, foamed coffee only served in summer, the boost  you need to get through the hot afternoon.

In bars you don´t have to tip, you get even 10 cents of change, traveller or not. Do it like the Italians and drink your coffee standing at the bar, you pay less!