Although the Italian summer is a very long one, it ends at some point and the empty streets, you could dance on during the Ferragosto days, fill up again, daily life relocates to the cities – the chaos is back. Everywhere you go, you hear people greeting each other with “Dove sei stata?” or “Ma quanto sei abbronzata!” (Where did you go?, You got a really nice tan!), catching up over a Cappuccino.

culinary tour italy, end of the summer party“Il Rientro” happens in the first two weeks of September, live shifts back from summer vacation time to daily life – with all obligations – but it wouldn´t be Italy if there weren´t a party: Every “bagno” (bar, sun chair rental, playground at the beach) celebrates an “end of the summer party”, live music and dancing at the beach – the only way to accept the end of summer!