There is one thing, Italians hate even more than leaving the house without the cellphone: leaving the house walking. Italians just don´t walk! Feet exist to play soccer or, in case they are feminine  to be admired, but never for bridging distances. No distance.

culinary tour italy, food tour bologna, italians strollItalians stroll

If you see Italians without a noisy car or vespa, they don´t walk – they stroll. Strolling can happen at the waterfront or in the most elegant shopping street in town. It´s about to look as good as possible while you´re strolling very slowly along, chatting (you never stroll alone) and eating gelato. You definitely avoid the impression you might want to go somewhere,  it´s for sure not to get from A to B! Because that would be translated into Italian  either you can´t afford a car or you had to pass your driving license to the local police station, both is unacceptably!