“This is exactly the kind of documentary we need to promote Bologna”, was my first impression when I watched Anthony Bourdain’s “No reservation” sequel about Emilia Romagna: such a great way to reach people who have a special interest in Italian food, to get their attention and to pass on information about the regional products like Parma cheese, balsamic vinegar and culatello.

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Foodie tour Emilia Romagna

All these products became world famous, not only because they combine hundreds of years of knowledge, the perfect raw material and optimal conditions, but also because the Italians have succeeded in safeguarding this tradition, to carry it into modern times and protect it against industrialization. Anthony Bourdain’s show helps to understand what makes these products so special, what makes Italy so special. We should forgive the fact that he makes it look like culatello comes from Imola (actually it´s from Parma, 137 km apart) — driving a Ferrari you don´t count the kilometers, I guess. The important thing is: all these places are in Emilia Romagna, Italy´s beautiful bread basket!



by Martina Kuhnert