Brisighella and the wild-romantic environs are very reminiscent of Tuscany, but they are free from the downside of fame – there are  no tourist crowds and no mediocre restaurants with dizzying prices. During the last few decades, tourists from all over the world have identified Tuscany with Italy; today this western part of the Apennine mountain chain does have an impressive set-up for tourist. Not so the Emilia-Romagna Apennines around Brisighella: it´s pure, rough and a bit sleepy. Even in peak season you  walk in the medieval center between Italians, they come here for the olive oil and the food.

Olive oil Brisighello

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historic mill stones

The romans figured out that the special micro-climate and the chalk soil provide perfect conditions to grow grapes and olive trees. They built an oil mill in the 2nd century along the historic tradepath between Florence and Faenza. The mill used a special procedure where the olives were grinded, not pressed. This procedure is still in use and the  3000 l production per year rank among the best in Italy. The “Brisighello” is used with Parma cheese as a topping for pasta or salad, it´s never to be heated up!

Brisighella restaurant

by Martina Kuhnert