Do it like the Italian’s

Ever feel like going for Italian food inevitably means indulging in something you’ll regret later? Don´t worry, authentic Italian food is healthy, even pasta – just follow some simple rules:

Italian food rules

Eat small portions: pasta is supposed to be a part of the menu, not the only dish. Have some kind of antipasto  before, just to prevent you from wolfing down too much in too little time; “antipasto” means “before the meal” after all! Then, have a small portion of pasta and a second course with meat, fish or veggies.

Pay attention to the sauce: stay away from cream sauces, it makes the pasta heavy and mushy. Use instead a tomato-based sauce with fresh veggies, fish, mushrooms etc. (no limits in choice!), this way the sauce will be juicy, tasteful and healthy. Cream is an absolute SOS ingredient to extend the sauce and only allowed if it prevents you from starving!

Fresh cooked pasta

Cook fresh: pasta is supposed to be al dente, so that you actually have to chew it and the ingredients for the sauce don´t get any better with warming them up – the whole dish looses its texture and flavour. Short version: Just do it like the Italians!

by Martina Kuhnert