It’s not that I do without a fridge at home, but I go to the market almost every day. Going to the market doesn’t mean you just do your errands – living in Italy is a commitment – you have to get the best  of the best! culinary tour italy, food tour bologna, market bologna

Shopping for Food in Bologna

I, like everybody else, have my favourite vendors for vegetables, salami, ham, meats, olives, olive oil, fish and cheese, and my decision for the menu of the day  depends on the daily special the market has to offer. It’s time consuming, and not only because my chat with the sales person takes so long, (everybody else is doing the same) but who on earth could decide in 3 seconds if he wants the ham (prosciutto) soft or hard, sweet or salty, from Parma or Modena, or yet better the one on special offer?

culinary tour italy, food tour bologna, bar mercato bologna Where to go for coffee?

After this challenging work I have to make one last decision:  which bar will I go to for my cappucino? Leaving through the front entrance of the market  in Bologna means a cappucino at Gamberini´s – traditional but fancy, leaving through the back entrance means a cappucino at the Bar al  Mercato where all the sales people may be taking their break, – but never leave the market without!

by Martina Kuhnert