Time for Food

Italians have all the time in the world when it comes to shopping and food, but give them something to drive, and the same people, who went into at least 5 shops to get their weekend errands done, turn into Formula 1 racers on the way back home.

culinary tour italy, food tour bologna, traffic and foodThey line up patiently at the market, they discuss every single item with the vendor, they don´t complain when a group of people blocks the passage – in fact the best place for a chat seems to be the middle of the street at main shopping time (with a stroller and 4 adults you can easily block the street). But don´t dare to hesitate half a second when the light turns green, or even worse: let a pedestrian pass at a cross walk! What is the most dangerous time of the day? After lunch, when everyone tries to get back to work on time, after the 2-hour-and-something lunch break….

by Martina Kuhnert