Parma cheese

Every place has its own special customs or usanze for its holidays. One that we see in many places, as far as gifts are concerned, is giving the gift of special foods. It will be no surprise, if you stop to think about it, that in Italy the gift of parmigiano reggiano is a very welcome one!

In fact, at this winter holiday time many shop windows, supermarkets, delicatessen sport beautifully designed and strikingly displayed triangle packages, often adorned with the characteristic plume-shaped knife which is “the” knife for use with parmesan. Keep in mind that parmigiano often runs at 30 euro/kilo, so it’s no 10-cent candy gift! So two great strengths of Italian commerce are brought together: age-old tradition in parmesan cheese making, and well-known design prowess in beautiful, stylish packaging. A feast for the eyes (and later, for the lucky recipient, a feast on the table!)