Cedro  – a kind of lemon

While the lemon is only a marginal ingredient in many kitchens, in Italy it plays an important role. You find different types of lemons – one of them is the cedro.  It`s the lemons` big sister, four times as big as your average lemon, comes in small numbers from the south  at the end of October and because of the very specific taste, Italians  look for it – even if it´s expensive: you pay ca. 4 euro for one fruit at the market.

Cedro recipe

Although it´s not very likely that you can get one at your local market (assuming it´s outside of Italy), I would like to share one of the basic recipes – just use fresh lemons if you can´t find a cedro! Cut the cedro lengthwise, get the flesh out of it  (pick the kernels out) mince  and mix it with olive oil, finely sliced fresh mint, a finely cut pepperoncino and parma cheese. Mix  cooked pasta with the sauce, decorate it with some cherry tomatoes and parma cheese and serve it in the empty half cedro shell, it looks as delicious as it tastes!

by Martina Kuhnert